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Elisa SU
  • Challenger on both mid top and jungle
  • Coached a lot of people !
  • Very nice and polite ! :)
25 US$/hr
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Mid Beast
Mid Beast
  • Highly aggressive player
  • Known as one of the best midlaners in WR
  • High CS lead and wavemanagment
25 US$/hr
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Vladimir Gonchar
  • Improving macro and in-game IQ!
  • Improving instant decision making!
  • Improving movement and micro!
30 US$/hr
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Emil Aliev
  • Lane matchups and lane win conditions
  • Wave managment and macrogame
  • Pro player mindset and physics
12 US$/hr
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Maxim Karasev
  • Lane matchups and wave managment
  • Playing from the lead and behind
  • Friendly and positive attitude
10 US$/hr
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