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Aizen Miroslavskiy
  • Specific program of training
  • Max rank: Top 1 (EU leaderboard)
  • Individual approach to every student
28 US$/hr
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Best choice
Viet Anh Nguyen Ba
  • 4 years of coaching experience.
  • Reached top 100 leaderboard SEA server.
  • Former proplayer. Wide variety of roles.
18 US$/hr
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Rustam Musaev
  • I can teach you to play any role
  • Played with tier 1 players and win them
  • Always adapted for a meta heroes
20 US$/hr
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Nick Name
  • 2 years of coaching experience
  • Max rank: top 597 EU
  • Best Meepo player in the world
20 US$/hr
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  • 6 Years Dota Exp, 1 Years Coaching Exp
  • Students Coached From 1 to 6000mmr
  • Average student sees 500mmr+ gain
20 US$/hr
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Валерий Бородин
  • Огромный опыт обучения от этого качество
  • Большой опыт турниров и командной работы
  • Настойчивость информативность Скилл
18 US$/hr
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Muslim Ibrayev
  • parse your current gamestyle
  • Strategy and general decision making
  • How to keep improving
10 US$/hr
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