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septiembre 2022
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1 hour
Very good coach, we discussed positioning and priorities as a tank and helped me improve my gameplay.
1 hour
I played as rein for over 500 hours and there are so many things I wish I knew earlier! Thanks to you I now know where I lacked in positioning, timing and spacing. Superior coaching and no detail left unnoticed! Highly recommend!
1 hour
Coach was friendly and encouraging.
3 hours pack
Very happy with my decision to go with Gefest. Very friendly, attentive, knowledgeable and just easy to get along with. He made it very easy to understand things, brought up things I didn't even think about in the game. If I do decide to get more coaching Gefest is right where I would go to.
1 hour
I love how nice he is and how easy it is to understand what he says im going to improve drasticlly after this.
1 hour
3 hours pack
It's the first time that I have a coach and the experience is wonderful. I'm really glad to be able to take classes and do VoD reviews with Gefest. I was able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the game and roles and how to perform my role better. My friends even called out the fact that I've improved in these last weeks (which are the weeks that I've been taking classes). I also feel more confident in competitive games, by being better aware of the dynamic of the maps and fights, as well as control over my character. I also feel comfortable with the way he teaches, he's really respectful and friendly. Highly recommended.
1 hour
Great coach
2 hours
Gefest was very thorough going through my game play with me. He was able to make me understand aspects of the game that I had not even considered before, and he was able to show me how what I was currently doing is holding me back from improving. He also types up a nice summary of our session where he highlights the things I need to work on which I found incredibly helpful. Most importantly, he made me feel like I was in a learning environment and showed the mistakes I made, but would ask me what I did wrong so that I would have that better mindset and gamesense to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. I will wholeheartedly recommend Gefest so much so that I will continue coaching over the next few weeks to find more ways to improve my gameplay and to see if he is able to spot any changes between sessions.
1 hour
Highly recommended, really knew his stuff and helped my process a ton to win more matches.
Excellent boost rating
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Who am I and my experience.

Hello! My name is German "Gefest", I am an Overwatch coach and a top-tier Overwatch player. I started playing since beta and top 500/GM constantly since season 3! My peak sr is 4528 (top 10) and I can play any role at top 500 level ( over 3000 hours in-game experience, competitive and scrims). I have over 2000 hours of coaching experience for players and teams of all skill levels ( from bronze to top 500)

How can I help you?

I will find out what exactly is holding you back and how to get rid of it! I will not just tell what you doing wrong, but clearly explain how the game truly works and present aspects of the game you struggle with! I will show you what you should be focusing on, so u can WIN your games not depending on how bad your team is! After our session you will clearly see how you can carry your team on your hero and climb the ladder! Every student is valuable to me, so you can be sure that I will always help, answer any questions and give specific personalized follow-ups after our session as well!

How session works?

I do VOD review and Live coaching! One normal session lasts 1 hour +, but you can book more hours if you wanna get more knowledge about the game! We will watch your gameplay together, if you have it recorded or you can share the code of your replay. I will explain you fundamentals and concepts of the game. We can also do a Live coaching session, where I watch you play competitive/ QP and give you specific tips and advice. At the end of our session I'm gonna send you the summary document as well.

A session might include topics such as:

  • positioning
  • movement
  • ult economy
  • ult usage
  • mechanical basics
  • timing
  • execution
  • communication
  • ability usage
  • ability timing
  • target priority
  • ult prediction
  • shot-calling
  • creating space and pressure
  • momentum and snowballing
  • aiming styles
  • practice
  • consistency
  • warm-up
  • mindset
  • game sense

Also we will talk about such things as how to not tilt during the game, advanced tips, tricks and tactics and much much more! During session you can ask me any questions!

Why should you choose me? 

So, would you like to climb the ladder and finally see the results and not to be stuck in your elo? If your answer is yes, then you definitely should choose me as your coach! I have devoted 6 years to understand this game completely. Ofc you can try to review yourself, but it will not guarantee results and will cost you a lot of time. So let me do that work for you and give you the knowledge which will help to get your gameplay on a completely new level! Looking forward to working with you!

Feel free to DM me and ask any questions!