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League was always more than just a game for me-it's a way of life-and when you are spending so many hours into something it's best to aim for the best potential outcome day by day.Throughout my pro career I always coached and was passionate about it,while also playing in teams.But,since I decided to enter university I had to settle down a bit on competitive and remain as a coach for now and help other people improve and reach the peak of the ladder.I noticed from the first time,that I had really good relationship with my clients and always helped them perform the best they could and increase their rankings,so I decided to keep doing this and I even became friends with some of them,where we often talk and even meet in challenger queue.

You will find a guideline on how the coaching lessons are gonna take place down below.

About me/Achievements:

Pro player for 2 years(Unicorns of Love Academy and Dawn of Stars).I have personally reached challenger with every role and my highest rank was rank 10 on EuNE and rank 44 on EuW.

I have been professionally coaching for 2 years players and teams with exemplary results.My highest achievements earned on champions specifically are:Being the 3rd best riven in EU,1st wukong EU,2nd kennen world,4th vayne world and 3rd fiora EU.

I'm a person who puts his passion into everything I do,fun to be around-at least that's what I've been told-and ready to unlock the talent and the hidden perks of every single one of my students.

1 Hour of coaching:In 1 hour of coaching I'm gonna try to help you and solve the most obvious problems on your gameplay.We gonna get to know each other and have a good atmosphere where we can achieve all our goals.I will help you understand more about your role,and give you a full instructions and information on the champions you have been playing such as:

Mid/Top:The matchups that favor you and deep analysis on every matchup(When to take every single summoner spell and when to roam)/when to expect ganks/the best places for your control ward so they never get destroyed and always provide you vision/correct wave management resulting into an insane advantage over your opponent/learn how to effectively snowball with your solo lane level lead over the other lanes and win the game.

Jungle:Matchup analysis(even tricks on when to take ignite/smite to totally snowball the game)/how to have full comprehension of the map and warn your teammates of a potential,incoming threat/best ganking methods resulting into a complete domination and instant victory.

Adc:How to correctly communicate with the random support you have in your lane(I have been there,I know times are hard when people don't listen to you and that's why I am here.To make you have the best possible outcome in a lane even with the worst support soloq can give to you)/expand your farming lead to the point the enemy adc cannot compete with you/Best adc choice when in each situation and best adc choice blind pick/when to farm and extend your lead and when to group to win the next teamfight and conquer the game.

Support:How to properly communicate with the random adc you have in your lane(Again,trust me,I have been there and I know it's hard when there is an autofill adc who won't respond to your calls or cs properly and that's why)>>we gonna talk about when to correctly roam,cause leaving the lane entirely-even if your adc is filled-is gonna cost you the game,so we need correct roams after the lane is at a safe spot where our adc won't die and we can roam and secure other lanes and win the game from there/correct warding all over the map according to enemy jungle potential ganks and correct warding before objective contesting periods/best support champion for every situation and cooperation with team even when you are blind pick/correct movement around the map for early game closure and fast wins.

2 Hours of coaching:This is where I can watch more of your gameplay and fully comprehend and show you even the smallest mistakes you make.We will go into more game replays of your match history and we will have time to see things such as:Where you could of pinged your teammates for something they DIDN'T see but you DID/where you could of pathed better,flanked,or took a game decisive action that could alter everything and make the game a whole different scenario/small flashy plays or executions and combos that can be perfected with my help and your training/better position around the map and in teamfights where you need to be ALWAYS careful who you are focusing and targeting.

2+ Hours of coaching:That's where we gonna split the lessons into 2 or 3 or even more depending on how many hours you have decided you would like me to help you for.If it is 3 hours it's gonna be split into 1 hour and a half 2 times etc,if its 4 hours then 2 hours 2 times etc.

I always believe there should be time for my students to comprehend and absorb all the information given to them until the next lesson,that's why I split them.Also,scientifically,the human brain can't afford to process continuous information for more than 2 hours and it needs a break.Another thing is,that when you will go to sleep after a long day, and after the lesson,you will have more than enough time to think and rest during the night time and all the advice and everything we talked about will be in your mind ready to be executed by you and your performance from now on.

In general you will learn:

How to have extremely good wave management

Where and when to ward correctly

How to behave against every matchup

Detailed analysis,combos,tricks,mechanics on your desired champions

Objective priority and when to give away a certain objective cause your team is not ready to contest it

How to form an advantage and win with it fast before the game scales

How to be a leader and guide your teamates around the map to secure a safe and easy victory

When to fall back and ping back your team so you don't throw the game away

How to keep mental even in the most dire of situations

Not to use chat and talk back to people who will make you lose focus,and only use chat to guide your teammates

How to win games even if you have fallen behind due to unfortunate things in game

Correct teamfighting(WHO you should be targeting to instantly win the game)

The best situations to make a call or a teamfight to achieve victory