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1 hour
realy great i love the tips he gave and i understandt everything he told me that was doing wrong and he is a cool guy so yes
1 hour
Went in depth in every aspect and really pointed out when I should and shouldn't do certain things.
2 hours
Definitely insightful, but also a mega mind god damn I didn't notice half of the things that were mentioned during the session! Would definitely recommend :)
2 hours
He was great, gave me some advice I'd heard before and lots that I hadn't
2 hours
Amazing. Very insightful and kind. Also, very approachable as a coach.
1 hour
Amazing VOD reviewer helped me improve a lot almost instantly and I'm Master tier. Legit coach and super worth the cheap price! Thx Rale!
2 hours
Very knowledgable, had a few mic and internet problems but good regardless.
1 hour
Very patient and has an extremely deep understanding of laning. Made me see mistakes even though I was hard carrying a match and showed me how to best approach each scenario.
3 hours
Friendly and very knowledgeable, helped point out mistakes even on games I was stomping.
2 hours
We had some problems messaging each other but as I was told that never happened before. If you are playing LoL and want to climb ASAP for this reasonable price Rale is the best choice on this site. Even better if you are an ADC main he can teach you so many useful things, 100% would buy sessions with this coach again in the future.
1 hour
He was really very kind and understandable. He took the time to give me the help I needed on a few points.
2 hours
After two hours of coaching, he told me a whole list of things he had also noticed and hadnt had time to go through in detail. Those were bad habits, better warding spots, trading manners or just map awareness in specific situations. Especially if you are an adc player - choose this coach!
1 hour
Very good
2 hours
Awesome coach, super friendly and gave a bunch of good guidance and direction.
1 hour
He was went above and beyond of what was asked!
2 hours
Kimaru is a 0 star, Rale however was a pleasure to work with and helped me git gud.
3 hours pack
Rale is a super nice guy! Both very good player and coach, helped me a ton since I just got back to Higher elo. The day after I carried in masters with no prob! Very solid stuff!! Highly recommended!
2 hours
Very outgoing. Really happy to be coached by someone who knows a lot about the game. And fully understands what my play style is like: weaknesses and strengths. Helped me understand the theory side of ADC and Botlane: match up/builds/map positioning. Eased my awareness, giving context to what is happening and what I should do. Highly recommend !!
3 hours pack
I had a 3 hour session. He told me how to trade better in lane, and mostly makro game, like when and where to be. Made it to Gold after a few weeks (was silver 4 at time of yoaching). 10/10 would recommend.
1 hour
very good coach and nice guy. learned about about laning phase and how to move on the map. Also learned about matchups.
5 hours
He was awesome, I had dramas with a phone tower getting maintenance in my area and had to reschedule and he made it so easy. Even split the session up to work around the issue. Learnt heaps from him and you can clearly tell from my KDA and win/loss that I improved heaps. I have a good grasp on what I need to work on, and what to do to climb.
1 hour
He is very responsible. During the one hour, he was able to give me orders on how to win laning phase. After the game, we visited back with the replay and he explained some macro and mistakes during teamfights. Even after the session, he hut me up a multiple times to see if my games are going well. Although it was only a one hour session, I could learn lots. This is shown by my winstreak right after the session. Strongly recommend this coach.
5 hours pack
Rale was very nice and knowledgeable, I got the five hour session and learn a lot from him. He taught me to be confident in my champion and how to carry games.
5 hours
The coach was amazing! He was super nice and really listened to what i had to say!
1 hour
I was absolutely satisfied with the way he listened and responded. Most coaches in my opinion tell you what to do and Rale doesn't. He finds your strong points and plays around that giving you great feedback and support the entire time to help you in the game. He guided me through multiple interactions with the enemy top laner to come out ahead and overcome the jungle ganks as well. He also explained a lot of wave management,macro plays, warding,and character matchups all within an hour. I found the perfect coach and will use him again in the future.
5 hours
Coach was very knowledgeable about the game.
1 hour
I think he is a very good coach and player and that he knows a lot about the game. There was one time during the session where I thought I would die if I went in, but he was so sure of my damage that I ended up getting kills.
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Hello my name is Rale,i am Challenger player both euw and eune.Im playing league 5 years straight and know everything about early mid and late game.

I got challenger with the hardest role in game ADC so if you are an adc main and think its impossible to carry i will let you see how easy it is.

It would be my pleasure to teach you my knowledge about all lanes and show you how to carry.

Things that we will focus at while coaching

  1. How to properly trade
  2. How to play against an impossible matchup for your champion
  3. How to take objectives drakes as fast as possible
  4. Where to ward on the map and when to clear vision
  5. How to set up the best runes and when to use them (against what champions)
  6. How to become better at carrying the game if the game goes to late
  7. And much more.

How does coaching work with me

  • We will get on discord,skype or whatever works for you get to know eachother first.
  • You will get into the game and if possible share me your screen to coach you live which would be perfect if not we can watch a replay of the game
  • At the beginning i will try to give you as much advice as possible
  • The first game we can watch your game and teach you everything that you need to know and then the next game we can play together to teach you even more what you should do at the moment (it will be a lot fun and easier)
  • If an hour passed and you have more questions fell free to ask,because i dont look at the hour when i coach i want to explain to as much as i can
  • At the end of every session i will send you a pro guides with runes and items you should build in matchups
  • And most important i will teach you how to play your counter matchups

How much can i teach you in sessions you are asking?

1 Hour session-In this period i will try to teach you as much as i can (dont promise a lot) but mostly look at your mistakes in the games and talk with you about lanning phase

2 hour session-More time to analyze your macro gaming and improve it as much as possible,improve all your mistakes and fix your mechanics (with some tips and tricks)

3 hour session-Focusing on impossible matchups that you have problem with

4 hour session-Almost everything that you need to know for your elo to climb fast

5+ hour session-The must ideal pack to go with.I can explain to you everything that i typed in the previous hours +even more when we talk.We have a lot of time here so you can ask every question and i will explain to you slowly.We can even focus on while playing together to show you how im thinking and transfering my knowledge to you.