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2 hours
Really good coach, explained everything I needed, looked over my mistakes and told me how to fix them. Now I have better understanding of macro and wave management. Would definitely recommend.
2 hours
was ghosted by previous coach, but the staff were very helpfull in reassigning a new coach. Klajdi12 was VERY informative and really helped me know where i needed to improve and set a plan on how to do so. 6/5 stars
1 hour
Extremely flexible and polite.
1 hour
very helpful, easy to understand goes into detail 100% recommend will be using again !
1 hour
my 5th coaching session will buy again when I play more
1 hour
My 3rd order on this coach. Very good coach will buy again.
1 hour
Good coach definitely gives you good advice with new strategies that will boost your way of thinking
4 hours pack
Really good coaching learned at about how to improve my game play and to play around my teammates to win.
1 hour
Perfect coach this is my 2nd order 100% ill get more
1 hour
wash patient perfect coaching
1 hour
I really enjoy the coaching, will order again. Taught me how to snowball my lead.
5 hours
great coaching i suggest you get coached by this guy so efficient and improved gameplay
1 hour
Perfect I enjoyed it so much I will buy it again!
3 hours pack
Very addaptive coach, helpfull and much knowledge on the game. Helped me a lot and fixed my early game weaknesses that let me win many more games. I would definitely reccomend coaching by Klajdi12!
Excellent boost rating
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Hello everyone! I am Klajdi. I do coaching since 2014. At the moment I do professional coaching at the Greek league.

( currently on a new big project, everything will be public soon )

Winner of the last split of GLWL as a coach.

With more than 15000h of coaching, my strong point as a coach is that besides the experience I can adapt to every player's character.

About my coaching method, I would prefer to fix your playstyle rather than change it.

I coach teams, premade ( 2 or more), and solo players.

Here you have some reviews from the past ( visit link )



OCTOBER 10, 2021

How my coaching works

I do both live and replay coaching but I would recommend replaying coaching for this reasons :

1-Replaying the game makes it easier for you to understand the concepts of what is happing.

2- It's more efficient in the long term.

3- In live coaching player is like a robot who is told what to do and he has to perform. My coaching is about blending our thoughts on what to do next and how to do it.

4-There is time to explain more than 1 play that you could do in a specific moment.

Lane and pathing

We going to watch a game from your match history ( preferably a game that you had a hard time deciding what to do ) during that replay I would be able to notice all the mistakes you do and give simple examples about what you should do differently. Depending on where you play I will give you an idea about how to be more efficient on lane management (freeze, slow push, fast push) or jungle path.

Going into more details on how to manage the waves ( graphics about lane management, gank pathing, rotations.

Early and late-game decision making

I am going to explain to you in specific about your champion and in general how the game should be played early-stage and late-game.

Objective setup

An objective can be a dragon, herald, baron, tower, or inhibitor. How to set up these objectives based on what side of the map you playing and what champs you playing.

Carry potential

First of all explaining the way you should judge a team when you are on the loading screen. Finding which is the carry potential for your team and which are those carries for the enemy team. But realizing this gives you a better idea of how you want to play the game.

I work with drafting too so you find pick an efficient champion from your champion pool that would do good vs the enemy team.

Depending on what you playing I will deeply explain the max potential of your champion.

Getting higher elo

In every elo there is a knowledge gap that doesn't let people get out of it. Most of the time is something that you think you doing correctly and you continue doing that over and over again without realizing that that thing is keeping you down. I will give you some pretty easy tasks that will help you overcome whatever mistakes you doing.

If you have a question please be free to ask anything. It will be my pleasure to work with you. Thank you!

With me, you will get coached by a professional coach, not by a player.

Thank you!