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1 hour
very good quality coaching. Killah has alot of knowledge aswell as being very chill and can explain his knowledge good aswell.
1 hour
Just perfect
1 hour
1 hour
Killah is a very knowledgeable coach, he has a in depth coaching scheme whether it is practical or theory, He is Chill and easy to talk to. Will definitely get more sessions
1 hour
Was very professional and gave my advices / tips about how to improve my twitch gameplay. Would use it again once i incorporate what he has taught me.
1 hour
Very In-depth review of a vod which showed me simple mistakes that could've made the reviewed game a better experience if I had known of these before
1 hour
Im 100% satisfied. Coach was excelent. Exquisite knowledge, fantastic coaching method. Explained everything in to smallest detail. I will come back. If u looking for coach, this is ur guy!´´
1 hour
Very good and interesting session. I've been skeptical at first but its definitely worth it. If you're looking for a TOP tier coach, this is your guy. TYVM!
1 hour
Very patient and insightful. Took time to get to understand me and my goals before just queuing up. Highly recommend!
1 hour
Really cool session. Professional, understanding, fantastic overall!
1 hour
Very in-depth coaching experience! Explains everything and is always honest with you.
1 hour
Likely the best coach on the site.
1 hour
Killah was a great coach! he was extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain to me a TON of things that I was doing wrong in my games. I am very excited to put his advice to use and I definitely will be returning to get more coaching.
1 hour
I loved his coaching he's straight to the point and provides you with information you need to win more games. I would highly suggest his services if you want to climb this season.
1 hour
Really good coach. Knowledgeable about a lot of things and very realistic with feedback
1 hour
Extremely extremely helpful coach. The absolute best coach I've ever had. Definitely will come back!
1 hour
I love these sessions. Coach is friendly, very experienced and understandable. He makes sure that u understand everything.
Excellent boost rating
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About the coach:

Hello! I am Emanuel 'Killah' Popoviciu, a long-time coach and high elo player. With extensive experience of actively coaching both solo queue and competitive players, I can offer you a very detailed and high quality analysis and personalized coaching program for any role. I'm a firm believer in tough love and this reflects heavily in my coaching style. If you want to know exactly what's going on with your gameplay, and you're ready to see it for what it is, you've come to the right place.

Typical session:

A typical session is never typical. There are definitely some common practices that will be enforced in each 1st session such as having a short discussion about your current situation with league, making use of statistics sites to assess your general tendencies and using some of the time at the beginning to talk about what you're looking for while being coached in general and what aspect of the game you seek to improve in particular.

After the start of the session each one is different and catered to the specific individual student and their needs. A session with a player that recently got to level 30 will be focused on basic aspects of the game, general guidelines and building a correct path for them to walk on in their early stage of development. A session with a 3+ years veteran will be centered around correcting bad habits and increasing efficiency so that they may improve their gameplay and get out of their current elo. Sometimes what I have to say will not be what you want to hear, but it's what you need to hear!