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Hey I am Jake and a Masters/Grandmasters Mid main while also climbing to master in Top & Jng. I main Vladimir Ekko Viktor, and Hecarim to climb but I also play a lot of different Champions (shift to meta) .

I will teach you the importance of pressuring lanes, counting the enemy cooldowns, timing, tradings, baitings, anticipate the intentions of the enemy, laning and fighting inside the fog of war, When you have the advantage and when you dont. I will teach you when it is the time to do a certain action in the game and shotcalls to win the game easily.

I will teach you both aggressive and defensive playstyles, see which one we think is better for you and decide what we should do from there.

Hope I have the chance to coach you!

Coaching Methods & Options

I will offer the following things:

Vocal Coaching

Theory crafting

Replay Analysis

Live Coaching (requires you to be able to stream)

Spectator Coaching with a followed up game scene analysis

1v1 training against different players.

Coaching Plan

1. Theoretical part – conversation (interview).

I will like to learn a bit about you.

What motivates you to play LoL, if your having bad games why did u still continue putting time in the game. I will also ask you about your champion pool, laning preferences, how you behave in game, etc. Beginning conversation takes 10-15 minutes and gives me huge amount of information about you. This conversation will help me a lot to know your mentality ingame. While coaching you i want you to play as in i am not there so i can see ur mistakes and work on them, dont hold urself for me because that way i wont be able to see your true mistakes.

2. Practical part

When and how you should farm, 1v1 and 2v2 trading strategies.

Best and worst moments to engage.

Proper positioning, decision making, selecting right target to attack.

Runes, masteries, builds, skill orders for each role and champions depending on situation in the game and enemy team comp.

I will learn you how to properly use your spells and show you that some spells should not be used in fights unless there is life danger.

Discussion about your favorite champions and champions that should/should not be used in ranked to gain elo, also we will talk about counter picking and when you better take another champions.

I will teach you to hide that ur jungler will gank at any time (in low elo u see people playing passive and 5 seconds later they are aggressive. This is a sign that someone is close), freezing/pushing a lane and snowballing it.

Coaching includes also anticipating uncomfortable ganks from your opponents, i will point out from you're enemy behavior when the gank will happen.

Advanced harassment: Zoning, Kiting, Debuffing and calculated Poking without losing HP.

We will work on your technical skills (mechanics), game knowledge and mentality, flaming and any kind of toxicity.

 Team leader abilities: shotcalling, making team-comps.

We will work on your jungling/ganking skills, improving your defensive or aggressive playstyle, helping your team by putting perfect wards.