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1 hour
Great Dota player and an OK coach. Went through my replay and pointed out my mistakes. Gave me tips on what to do in specific scenarios. What I'd recommend to the coach is to keep reminding the core things that the player needs to work on that you've noticed he's doing badly. I had to go back to my session in my head and think about what was said because there was no actionable plan or even a summary at the end of the session. Also tips like "make better decisions quicker" won't get anyone far and saying that it was a bad idea to join this fight after you see that it went badly in the replay is something my girlfriend that doesn't play Dota could do. Overall although this does seem a bit negative I would still rate this 4/5 because if Aizen improved his coaching a little bit it could be great. He has the skill.
1 hour
Very good coach, gave very game specific hints. Was able to reschedule if needed.
1 hour
He gave me a lot of insight. Easy to talk and really willing to help. Best coach ever.
1 hour
Very fast to respond and with to-the-point, useful information. After only 2 sessions (both of which the coach went over time and didn't seem to notice or mind), I know what I have to work on and I can tell he is genuinely invested in trying to spot my flaws and help me improve. Way too cheap as well ;) Really awesome service, great coach and I can't wait to see improvements!
1 hour
Aizen was very helpful and taught me alot in DOTA2. Very nice person.
Excellent boost rating
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About me:

Hey! My name is Aizen and I’m 23 years old. I’ve been playing Dota 2 since 2014. My current mmr is 8200. Peak mmr – 8800. I used to be top 1 in EU leader board in 2018. I can play all heroes and roles on a professional level. My in game versatility is 10 points.

The course:

First thing you need to learn is that Dota 2 is the game of details. There is a huge amount and variety of these details. Each player’s mmr is the reflection of the knowledge and right implementing of it in game. I will deeply and clearly explain and demonstrate the importance of such basics. My program includes step-by-step explanation the objectives, improving micro and macro performance and tips how to play better at every stage of your game. Dota 2 may appear very complicated but under my guidance you will be able to understand it easily and fast.

In my sessions, we will go through:

·        Learning through the developed and reliable program which covers all aspects of the game that an individual needs (e.g. hero mechanics, laning phase, itemizing, macro objectives)

·        Shaping individual play style. We will not repeat after someone else. Instead we will work on reinforcing your own strong and weak points.

·        Analyzing and practicing your favorite heroes in custom lobby and then in a real game.

·        Watching your replays. I will point out your mistakes so that we will be able to work on them after.

·        Spectating your live games via Dota TV or screen sharing, while giving you tips and hints.

The goal of the course is to give you the knowledge through which you can learn , win and self-develop even without a coach!