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1 hour
This guy goes above and beyond! Within an hour and a half I would say I feel way more confident as a player. Definitely want to be a regular student!
1 hour
very nice very cool and easy to understand
1 hour
1 hour
amazing coach couldnt be better
1 hour
1 hour
The coach is great. He is very friendly and sociable in addition to giving good advice. He even went overtime just to make sure I got all the coaching he wanted to give as well as giving me a training routine. Got more than I expected, especially for the price.
1 hour
Great coach, made in-depth analyzing and made me correct some mistakes i didnt even know i did. 10/10 would recommend if you are trying to improve.
1 hour
GREAT LESSON! I was coached by FisherFTW. The guy is super smart and very experienced in the game. In a short amount of time he was able to analyze my gameplay and point out a bunch of mistakes I was making as well as the things I was doing good. Also showed flashes and other things that I had NO IDEA existed, super helpful. He is a nice guy and you can genuinely tell he cares about what he does and wants his students to improve. For the price, it’s a no brainer. Book him! - Ju1ce
2 hours
Coach awesome well versed in the game. Very polite
2 hours
Gave me a free hour which was super helpful as it was our first session. Super nice and super knowledgeable. Especially for the price he is extremely worth it.
1 hour
Competent accomplished coach with obvious experience teaching novice players without being condescending
Excellent boost rating
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Hello there, before you read my bio there are some things you should know:


I offer a free 30 minute consultation, during this time we will chat and get to know each other better and it will allow me to demonstrate exactly what I can offer you as a coach and help you ask me any questions you might have and put your mind at ease.

  • I give tips, tricks and information I have gathered from thousands of hours of searching and studying this game which you will not be able to get from any other coach.
  • I have watched hundreds of demos and games so finding mistakes is second nature to me, without a doubt I will be able to spot every mistake you make.
  • Over the past 5 years of coaching, every single one of my students has improved their skills significantly.
  • I am passionate about teaching and when it comes to teaching my students I go above and beyond the number of hours in our session if needed.
  • From the time you hire me as your coach, my primary focus is improving your abilities as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Who am I?

Semi-pro South African player

Part-Time Coach

Global Elite for the past 5 years and Faceit Level 10 for the past 4 playing since 2015

Able to teach and help at every rank and skill level.

English only speaker

I can coach all regions:



Western Europe

Central and Eastern Europe


And the roles I coach are: Entry Fragger/Secondary Entry/Sniper/IGL and I cover more general roles such as Rifle/Support

Although there is a lot of overlap between the roles, there are some skills more specific to certain roles that I will focus on:

If you are an Entry Fragger or Secondary Entry we will focus on;

  • Entry pathways
  • Early round utility
  • Which fights to take and how to win them
  • How to efficiently place yourself to be traded / to trade a teammate
  • Raw aim ability and how to improve it

If you are a Sniper we will focus on;

  • What angles are good to hold
  • How to take a duel with an AWP and win
  • How to take a duel and fall back to a better position
  • How to stay alive with the AWP as long as possible

If you are an IGL we will focus on;

  • Your calling ability
  • Critical thinking under pressure
  • the ability to figure out what the enemy is doing
  • How to recognize patterns
  • How to create a plan and do effective practice with your team

If you are a general rifle and support player we will focus on;

  • Your ability to throw useful flashes/smokes/grenades/mollies
  • How to survive later in the round and stay alive longer to use your utility
  • How to assist teammates on the fly with utility
  • In-depth understanding of nade trajectory and distance
  • Understanding of all the skyboxes associated with the maps

1-hour sessions include:

You will screen share or stream as you play a ranked game while I am watching I will take notes, you will make decisions as you would normally do then after the game we will go to a few specific rounds our main goal during this session will be fixing your early round decisions. (first 40 seconds of a round which can be the most important)

  • What position do you go to right from the start of the round?
  • What utility you throw within the first 40 seconds.
  • What fights and angles you take and whether they are good or bad.
  • How you handle your economy.

+ What if the game lasts 45-55 minutes and we won't have enough time for replay?

- Don't worry, I will give you as much time as is needed for you to fully understand and go over every topic I have intended for the lesson. The session will be more than 1 hour.

2-hour sessions include:

I will have you play a ranked game and show me how you have put what I taught you into practice, you will be making all the decisions and after the game, if I thought you have put everything I taught you into practice about the early round, we will move onto the middle round actions and what you are doing wrong this will include going over:

  • when you have a player up situation OR a player down situation 5v4 or 4v5
  • What utility you have left after early-round and how to most effectively use it.
  • How to get the advantage back in your favor
  • How to control the map when you are in an advantage or disadvantage 
  • How to find holes in the enemy's defenses

+ What if you still can't win the Early game?

- Then we will work on the early game, and make sure it is perfect.

3 hours+ session includes:

Now we have thoroughly gone over early-round and mid-round. Now it is time to fix your late-round, this is how you can catch opponents off guard and use this to your advantage while the enemies are getting nervous and overthinking the situation you will put your plan into action.

  • How to finish rounds
  • How to use sound to your advantage and how to trick opponents
  • We will go over win conditions
  • How to clutch
  • When to save

After you understand your goals and what to do at every stage of a round, you will have the confidence and knowledge to create smart and well-thought-out plans and execute them. This alone will increase your skill level and following this up with the practice plans and other knowledge, you will certainly achieve your goals.