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1 hour
Super nice guy!
1 hour
Perfect coach. Wasnt an information overload. Helped me understand why I was doing something good or bad. Analyzed the plays deeply.
1 hour
I think Ranchi is a great coach and can work with any level of play. he shows great skill in Rocket League... while playing on KEYBOARD!
1 hour
rea;;y nice guy
1 hour
Very nice, articulate, and professional
1 hour
Ranchi was very knowledgeable about the game he was very patient/ he explained everything into as much detail as he could. Very good coach would recommend anyone to purchase coaching from ranchi 10/10 Funny guy to <3
1 hour
i give him five stars because he was relly a relly good coach.
1 hour
He is one of the solid players i ever met...over all i was happy.
2 hours
Very good, as i remember we had fun and gave me useful tips that helped me to rank up
1 hour
He's good guy, knowledge about the game is really good in my opinion, said where i have to improve on and it's really useful, i really gonna use his tips. And it's really easy to understand him. Highly recommend this coach to others.
1 hour
knows exactly what he's talking about! has the experience and the know-how to show you the easy way to fix your mistakes. MONEY WELL SPEND!
Excellent boost rating
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Hi there, i am Ranchi 27 years old and currently living in Germany.

I speak german, english and russian fluently.

Since the Rocket League game realease, i have been a passionate player.

With 4500 ~ hours of experience in the game, i am currently Grand Champion (1600~) and highly motivated to help, coach and boost you.

Why me?

Well, the coaching is highly indvidual. Analyzing replays, showing various mechanics, explaining the mindset, rotations, playing together and much more can be part of the Service.

Feel free to tell me what you want and we will find a way to make it work.

At the end of the day we game to have fun, so lets go!